The goal of the project was to connect multiple groups of people through a unified art project. Without discrimination, or judgment, the project aims to get anyone of any background/creed/age/gender to tell their stories – their personal struggles, or share their views on life – and to make an art piece out of them.

All of this culminates in a collage/mural, an experiential piece of all the parts consisting of the artwork produced by participants.

The Trail of Hope is a piece about acceptance and bridging the gap between communities under a common, unified goal.

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A Trail for


The Process of the Project

Step 1

Artists-Residents Conversation 

     Artists and residents have conversations about their visions of their art pieces.

Step 2

Artist Interpretation

     Artists create drawings based on the conversations they had with residents.


Step 3

Creation with 3D Printing Pens

     With 3D printing pens, residents create art pieces based on the drawings made by artists.


Step 4

Installation Establishment 

     Artists and residents assemble the art pieces and build an installation together.

Every society has problems. It sounds quite obvious, but what’s often forgotten is the consequences these problems can lead us to. Social issues can result in a less-unified sense of community and overall, a lower standard of living and happiness. In a time like this, when we are faced with high levels of social, economic, and political tensions, it is important to remind community members of existing problems in society and foster a sense of empathy towards one another. The Trail of Hope project will attempt to do so by taking an artistic approach, which can eliminate/soften the boundaries between people with different backgrounds.


Trail of Hope 3D pens

Trail of Hope at Newmarket

Trail of Hope Christine Elliott

Trail of Hope Ice and Snow fest

Trail of Hope-markham-arts-council

Trail of Hope-model

Trail of Hope-students

Trail of Hope-from-students

Trail of Hope-newcomers

Trail of Hope-ready

Trail of Hope at night




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