New Step For You


Bringing joy and well-being through Creative Arts

What is New Step For You?

New Step for You (NS4U) is a Non-Profit organization that focuses on a variety of expressive art programs using tools such as 3D Pen, Virtual Reality, Mixed Media, Dance and Music to name a few. These are designed to relieve stress, increase self-esteem, inspire creativity, and improve the well-being of people of different ages, from youngsters to seniors.

Our Values


We don't search for the path, we create the path.


We listen because we care, we care because we connect.


Art has no boundaries. We are a diverse community connected by our differences.


We find value in experience and get our strengths from our differences.

Our Approach

We believe that art is a simple solution to happiness and well being.

It doesn’t matter what media you choose.

The only thing that matters is that you enjoy what you do and feel comfortable using it.

At New Step 4 U, we encourage you to explore your creativity, connect with your inner self, and take some time for self-care. The aim is to manage behaviours, process feelings, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase self-esteem with the help of arts.

We work with a diverse range of individuals including children, adults, seniors from all communities and wish to create an inclusive, accepting environment that is free from judgement.

Our Team


Marina Mais

Executive Director

Oscar Gonzalez.jpeg

Oscar Gonzalez

Strategy & Development


Creative Program

Address: 53 Barnwell Dr. M1V 1Z1 Toronto 


Phone number: 1.833.959.1373

Hours: 9 a.m to 6 p.m


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